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Oral Interview Dynamics

The following list does not cover everything, but it is a good comprehensive list to consider the problems, both locally and nationally, that face law enforcement as an industry. Panels may ask:

“What are some of the problems facing your agency?” “What are some issues your organization may have to deal with over the next 3-5 years?”  They want to know if you have your fingers on the pulse of what is going on in your own back yard. Are you in touch and aware of the City or County issues that must be dealt with and endured by public safety.  

“What are the major issues facing law enforcement today?” This questions takes you national and they want to know do you understand (paying attention) what is going on with your own profession. Do you read the newspaper? Are you up on the latest trends, news, problems, case law, etc. 


• Procedural Justice/21st Century Policing/Implicit Bias

• State Props (Example: California Prop. 47, 57, and 64)

• Cultural diversity/Tolerance/Immigration

• Economy/Budget

Succession planning

• Pension reform/Decreasing benefits/2018

• Recruitment/Retention/Staffing

• Rebuilding of justice system infrastructure

• Apathy/Morale

• New/Differing generations

• Declining societal morality

• Inaccurate and misunderstood perception of police

• Inaccurate, narrow, and biased media coverage

• Terrorism & Domestic Civil Unrest (ANTIFA)

Technology: Body-worn cameras, drones, and weapons

• Community policing

Foresight & Forecasting

• Worker’s compensation

• Grant funding and alternative revenue

• Homeless/Emotionally disturbed persons (Huge problem in California)

• Interagency collaboration/Strategic Alliances (AKA: Networking)

• Integration of civilian security, military, and federal authorities w/ police

• High tech/Cyber crimes

• Risk management and liability

• Training/E-training

• Forensics

• Marijuana/Designer drugs/Legalization (Recreational)

• Privacy issues (drones, ALPR, wire-taps, cell tolls and cell pinging)

• CompStat /Crime mapping/Intelligence led policing/Predictive policing

• Organized crime…it’s not the Italian Mafia anymore!

• Prison population and defunct justice system

• Health & wellness (Sick leave abuse)

• Social media (Pros & Cons for law enforcement)

• Militia/Sovereign citizens/Civil unrest

• Police discipline/Peace officer rights