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Hello…welcome and congratulations on searching your way to my website and my blog and ultimately this post. You are likely a law enforcement professional who is interested in career advancement; Corporal…Sergeant…Lieutenant…Captain?? You are interesting in getting some good information on testing for promotion.

Instead of adding just another blog post, I decided to make this contribution an, “Easter Egg.” You got here and I like inquisitive people who go the extra step to educate themselves. Lifelong Learning is a key to career success…

A professional police officer who can no longer learn is an officer who has suffered a professional death

So, if you got here and found an “Easter Egg” and those who might be competing against you did not, well then…you have a distinct advantage over them. In a competitive promotional process, isn’t it nice to have an advantage?

So, this is pretty simple. Email me (Andy Borrello) at policepromote@gmail.com and all you have to write is: Send Me An Egg

That’s it…so simple, even a cop can do it…ha ha. I will return your email with a mini-Ebook I recently completed called:

Law Enforcement’s:
20 Outstanding Traits of: A-Game Supervisors & Managers

This book connects all 20 traits to how it relates to police promotion. No personal information is needed or credit cards or billing address. Just ask for your egg. All I ask is that you consider looking the rest of the website and seeing what we offer. If you are local…you should think about joining us for a promotional seminar or small group workshop consultation…you will be glad you did! I strongly suggest you consider getting my book, Police Promotion Super Course and have this industry unique info-packed book in your library.

BTW…once you get the egg and we are now networking colleagues…it is very likely you will get more free stuff. There’s always more than one egg!!

Always consider me a resource!