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Oral Interview Dynamics

Other Weak-Speak Problems:


Rationalized Integrity:

• “Honestly…”
• “Frankly…”
• “To tell the truth…”

We easily recognize these statements as red flags. It sounds as if you are trying to justify what you are saying. These statements hint to us that you are going to be honest now, but may have not been so honest before.

Pissing Off the Panel:

• “Like I said…”
• “As I said before…”
• “Let me repeat…”
• “Again…”

The panel will not react favorably to statements like these. It might appear that you are annoyed because you may have had to repeat what you said. If the panel goes over a subject twice, just answer it again and again if needed, but without the perceived disrespectful comments.

Weak Qualifiers:

• “Somewhat…”
• “For the most part…”
• “As far as I know…”
• “Pretty much…”

Q: Do you think you would make a good sergeant?

A: “Pretty much”

Q: Do you possess the skills to lead officers through a critical incident?

A: “As far as I know”

Doesn’t illustrate a promotional candidate with a lot of confidence does it??

Limp Language:

• “I think…”

• “I feel…”

• “I believe…”

• “I’d try…”

• “Possibly”

• “Maybe”

• “Perhaps”

• “Basically”

These words are okay to use, but if you use them exclusively, absent any more positive language like, “I have”, “I can”, “I will”, or “I know”, then you may sound a bit weak and unsure of yourself…

“I think I could be a good sergeant

“I believe I am prepared to be a lieutenant”

Weak speak, inappropriate rationalization, failing to be held accountable, excuses, and any other language that demonstrates a lack of confidence, uncertainty, or weakness should be corrected or simply removed from your presentation.

Test well!!