Police Promote
Oral Interview Dynamics


Embrace that all of us are smarter than one of us

Use, benefit from, and excel through your people

Supervisory ego left unchecked is a step toward failure

Communication & Collaboration over Command & Control


Sometimes, those in ranking positions tend to develop a soloist mentality. They make decisions, take action, and handle problems by themselves. The best ideas are their ideas. The best path is their path. This type of Lone Ranger mentality is counterproductive and it conflicts harshly with the role of being in charge of others. Police supervisors and managers MUST utilize their human assets through delegation, empowerment, and teamwork. You cannot deliver public service alone and even if you could, you’re not supposed to.


Ensure that in any testing scenario, you represent the understanding that the group is often smarter, better, safer, and more effective than the individual. Supervision is directing, guiding, overseeing, and supporting the work and efforts of others. You are the maestro leading the band, but you don’t play the instruments anymore. Use your people. Exploit their talents. Supervise their collaborative direction. Take advantage of and direct their skills.