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What Our Law Enforcement Clients Are Saying…


Hi Andy…

I just wanted to let you know that I was told yesterday that I was selected as our next Sergeant!  And, my brother-in-law, ……… (who came with me to a consultation at your place a couple of years back) was promoted recently to Lieutenant. It has been a pretty exciting month for us both! Thanks again for all your help.  I will definitely be back to see you when the time comes to go for Lieutenant.”



I came out #1 in the oral interview! I’m not sure yet but I think I got a 99 and my overall score was 90.3 which I believe puts me at #1 on the list.  But here’s the exciting news.  I got an Acting Sergeant position today! We aren’t making any permanent moves right now because we don’t have a chief and we are waiting for a couple retirements to take effect but out of the 8 people on the list, I got an “Acting” spot! Thanks again Andy!!!”



I really want to let you know how much I loved your seminar this past Saturday. I really learned a lot and believe with your techniques I could do well in a promotional oral interview. I actually look forward to interviewing now and feel that I will do well. Once again thank you for a wonderful experience.”


“Thanks!  Again, I thoroughly enjoyed your class.  I have received tips from friends throughout the years and have also picked up my own through trial and error.  I have never received information as comprehensive as what was in your presentation.  It made my 5 1/2 hour drive worth it.  Now it’s a matter of putting it all together.”


“After testing I was 2.5% over the next candidate.  5.5% over the next most promotable person.  94% on the oral board.  91% at the assessment center. I was promoted to Sergeant today.  Thanks for the help.  I’ll spread the word about your services.  No doubt I’ll see you in the training arena. Take care”



I read your book back in 2006 in preparation for a sergeant promotional exam and I found your information extremely helpful.  As result I placed number 1 out of 19 candidates and was promoted in July 2006.  Since then I have highly recommended your book to sergeant and Lieutenant candidates.  Out of all my study material I still think your book was the information that “clicked” and made the difference. I will be referencing your book as a must read for any candidate taking a sergeant or lieutenant promotional oral board. Thanks again.”


“The information provided and the presenters were excellent. I garnered some excellent tools that should help me be successful in my promotion attempts in the future.”


“I thought Lt. Andy Borrello gave a really informative lecture in oral interviews. He was great.”


“Good Afternoon…I wanted to drop you an email and thank you for the time you spent helping me prepare for my promotional process. The information and time spent was invaluable. I ended up placing number 2 on the list and was promoted to Lieutenant effective yesterday. I will definitely recommend your help to friends in the future. Thanks again”


“Hey Lt. Borrello,

I just wanted to take a brief amount of your time and thank you for your assistance with my recent promotion to sergeant with the ……… Police Department! I recently took your promotional seminar/class and it played a large part in my promotion!”


”My inside oral score remained about the same; however my outside oral score went up 11 points from the last time I tested. This was the third time I tested for sergeant and I am ecstatic to say I came out #2 and was promoted on the same day as the #1 candidate! The difference between 1 and 2 was fractions of points and our scores were well above the rest of the candidates!”


”I was able to parlay the information you gave me into a comfortable, well informed presentation for the outside and inside board. Once again thank you very much!”


“Just wanted to thank you for the help during the Sgt process and in preparing my resume. I’m happy to say I was promoted yesterday as a new sergeant. Also out of 14 guys I came out #5. The difference between the #1 guy and me was only 1.5 %. I could not be happier. Ill be sure to refer others to you when the time comes. Happy New Year”


“Hey Andy, Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your help with the sergeant’s exam. I came out in first place with a 97.5, beating second place by more than 3 points. The examiners said I was the only candidate who expanded on the answers rather than just providing the “nuts and bolts.” It really set me apart. Once again, thank you very much for your insight and assistance.”


“Just wanted to thank you for the help during the Sgt process and in preparing my resume. Im happy to say I was promoted yesterday as a new sergeant. Also out of 14 guys I came out #5. The difference between the #1 guy and me was only 1.5 %. I could not be happier. Ill be sure to refer others to you when the time comes.”


“Hi Andy, I really enjoyed our session together. It gave me a new perspective on pertinent information I should seek to master. Over the years I have become too fixed on my immediate responsibilities and stopped looking at the bigger picture. Our meeting and the information you shared has rekindled my interest in hitting the books again. Of course, it would be impossible for me to absorb all the information you have shared by the time of my Oral Interview. However, I have made it a point that whether I pass or fail the OB I will become much more knowledgeable in areas you have identified.”


“You’re a Godsend to LE and many more officers should seek you out. My hat is off to you for the work you have put into your program.”


“Andy, Just got my letter in the mail today. 96% Oral. I am really happy with that. I am in band 2. The list will probably last for a couple of years and I will hopefully be picked up in 2010. Band 1 was only 74 Deputies. I think we started out the test with about 2,500 testing. Thanks for the help. I will let you know if I get more details.”


“I want to thank each of you for organizing/conducting the class on oral interviews for the promotional process. I attended this program a few months ago at Santa Monica College prior to my promotional interview. I am a well educated person (I have a Doctorate in Management and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration) and have worked in law enforcement for about 10 years so I always thought of myself as well prepared for these types of interviews. Well…I was wrong. I learned some great things in this class from Lt. Borrello and appreciate everything that was done to put it on. I walked out of the class with ideas and tools that I immediately put into use. With only three weeks of preparation, I finished #1 in the promotional process for …. And was promoted to this rank a few weeks ago. I am encouraging as many people as I can to attend the November 5th class that Lt. Borrello is putting on at LA Clear and am working with … to get something scheduled in Ventura County in the near future. However, I wanted to take a few minutes to extend my appreciation.”


“Andy, I would like to thank you again for all of your help getting… and I prepared for our promotional exam. Both……and I were successful!! We will be sworn in on July 1st as a Sergeant and me as a Corporal. I will be coming to see you when we have our next Sergeant opening. We will send you our new business cards when they arrive. Thanks”


“Lt. Borrello – I attended the Oral Interview Dynamics class for The Promotional Oral Interview. First, I would like to tell you it was one of the best classes I have ever attended. In preparing for the Sergeant process I was most concerned with the oral interview. However, after taking your class I actually felt “I could do it.” In fact, I even approached you after class to tell you that.”


“I just wanted to let you know I went to the assessment center last week and used all the lessons you presented. I even caught myself when I used pretext justification (Lesson #8) and quickly corrected myself.”


“Everything you taught me paid off and I came out #1 in the process. Thank you! Like you said, “Simple techniques make big changes” and I look forward to my new position.”


“Hi Andy, I just wanted to thank you for working with me on my presentation skills. I came out number one on the Captain’s test and will be promoted next week. Working with you gave me the confidence and extra boost I needed. Thanks again”


“Andrew, I am not sure if you remember me. I work for … PD and hired you several years ago for a consult. I was promoted to Sgt. as a result. I wanted to let you know I sent two of our guys to your recent all day class in the City of Commerce and I heard outstanding comments about your presentation. They both said you were an outstanding speaker and the information you gave was invaluable. I know a few people who went from other departments and they said the same thing. All of them were even mentioning they were going to hire you for the one-on-one consult. Wanted to give you the feedback. Have a great holiday season and be safe.”


“Hi Andy, This is …… I attended your course at the City of Commerce. I have to say that I was skeptical about the course before attending. I was completely surprised and the class was great and I would recommend it to anyone even if they didn’t want to promote the course also can also help with dealing with any situation when you come face to face with talking or debriefing.”


“Hello Sir, Just wanted to let you know that I came out #1 one our promotional list. More importantly, I did very well on the oral interview and I found myself using all your techniques. Thank you very much for your help…See you when it’s time for the Lieutenants’ test.”


“Wow Andy, I received the book and read it cover to cover in one day. I started highlighting sections but soon found many portions where most of the page was yellow from highlighter and only small sections were still white. You did an excellent job. Thank you so much. Also, I loved your article that you sent. I’m placing it in my study folder.”


“Andrew, I just received your book and the additional promotional tip sheets that you included. Thank you! The information is incredible, I highly recommend it to anyone in law enforcement, even if they are not yet studying for a promotion. Great job, thank you.”


“Hi Andy, BAND 1 !!!!!!!! 93 on the outside oral. Best oral yet! Thanks for your help…

PS: I’ll let you know WHEN I get promoted!”


“OOOHHHHH YYYAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Number two on the oral and number one for the selection of POLICE SERGEANT…Yea!!  I will be promoted on… Thank you for everything. You are absolutely invited if your schedule permits.  If not, I am very happy and grateful.”


“I just wanted to thank you for the information you provided to me.  You may not remember me but I happened upon one of your articles in PORAC magazine a couple of months ago.  I decided to purchase your book and I appreciate the time you took to discuss issues with me and explain the materials you gave me. After talking with you I decided to change my entire strategy on my department’s upcoming Sergeant’s promotional.  I had taken the Sergeant’s promotional exam several times in the past but I didn’t do very well, even though I had much more experience than others who were promoting. I went into the exam with more confidence than I ever had in the past and we got the results a couple of weeks ago.  Would you believe, I finished number “1” and I beat several people that had done better than me in the past. It is a great feeling to, after 20 years, to finally make Sergeant.  I owe you a lot of THANKS for all of the advice you gave me, not only in your book but also during our conversation that afternoon. I will be recommending your book to anyone looking for help with future promotions.”


“I just wanted to let you know that I got the job.  Thank you so much for your help.  I have relatives in law enforcement and if they are ever thinking about promoting, I will be giving them your name.  You are the real deal.”


“Hey, I just wanted you to know that I placed first on our promotional exam with …PD. I was promoted on Saturday, 05-17-03. Your book was a great help. I will recommend it to everyone going through any interview process. Thank you for the help, the e-mails, and the book.”


Hi Andy,

Just wanted to let you know that I received the results from my oral. I made a 99.53. I am going in for my interview with the Sheriff this morning at 0900. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks for all you help.”


Hi Andy,

Well It’s official, I get sworn in as a Lieutenant on Monday, April 1, 2002. Thanks for all your help. If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know.”



It’s… from the London Police Service (London, Ontario CANADA)……I bought your book a few months ago. I’m pleased to say that I made the Sergeant’s list! Without a question, your book helped me prepare for my oral interview. I just wanted to pass on the big news. Thanks so much!”



Just a note to let you know that I did indeed get the Sergeants position. Your promotion package was a great help. I was able to overcome two officer one who had three times as much experience in law enforcement and time in my department, the second who had the same amount of time. Although the interview process was not the only deciding factor, members on the promotion board later told me I blew the competition away during the interview. Some of this was a direct result of your package. My department’s next promotion will be in about 5 years when our current Chief retires. I’ll will definitely be back in touch.”



I just got the package…..One word sums up the information you provided…WOW! This is great stuff, your book is awesome, but the other resource material is excellent too! This is a true value and I thank you. I am pouring over the info and getting pretty charged up. I know I will ace the oral. I’ll let you know how I do. Thanks again…You Da Man!”



I know your a busy man. My name is … I purchased your “Oral Interview Dynamics” book approximately two weeks ago. Well, the results are in. Out of a possible twenty-one (21) candidates for the position of law enforcement sergeant, I placed 2nd. I was ecstatic with the results. I read your book twice and applied some of it’s principles (P-A-R). After the written test, I was in 5th place overall. Not to sound egotistical, but I had a stellar performance in the oral board which boosted me to 2nd place overall on the final list. I feel very honored to be in the position I am in. Although I probably will not be officially promoted for a few more months, I can deal with that. I really did experience a sense of personal and professional satisfaction. Anyway, thanks again for the book. I really do appreciate the help.”


“I am very impressed by your depth of knowledge and ability to present the information in your book. The topic is very important to cops nationwide and your approach has unique qualities that will likely make it much more acceptable than other books on this topic.”

~ Walter Lundstein, Managing Editor, LawTech Publishing Co.



Just thought I would drop you a note to let you know that I was recently promoted to Captain. I believe that the material presented at the Promote 2001 seminar helped me during my preparation. The manner in which I formulated my responses to “I will” as opposed to “a captain would or will” and the way I structured my opening statement was a direct result of what was learned from your seminar.


I attended your course in San Diego in July 2001 just prior to starting the sergeant testing process. I gained a great amount of knowledge and confidence from your class. I am glad to inform you that I will be promoted to the rank of Sergeant next month. Thank you for you help, and thanks for writing a great book!”


“Outstanding – this is the exact training I should have taken several years ago.”


“Excellent course!! Instructors were top notch.”


“Excellent – I was very impressed with both the content and presentation by the instructors.”


“Excellent course. Overall experience and knowledge was some of the best I’ve seen.”


“Very, very valuable information provided by some very knowledgeable instructors.”


“Outstanding delivery from each instructor. Kept my attention throughout. Will help with my preparation.”


“This was an excellent program for anyone interested in career development. I definitely see the importance of starting early for the process.”


“I think this course was very valuable to me – it opened my eyes to areas that I need to work on.”


“Excellent course content and instructional information. I appreciated the handout information and the availability of related course material.”


“It was very helpful and I learned a ton of stuff.”


“Great presentations & material provided. All instructors are very knowledgeable in the areas they covered. The course is valuable to anyone who wants to improve & promote.

Well, I did it! I got my results today. I placed #1 on the Sgt. List. My oral was a 98%! Your oral interview system did the trick. Thanks a lot for the support and the confidence you gave me.”


“I can honestly say that of all the many, many promotional courses I have gone to, yours blows them away!”


“I attended your course in San Diego in July 2001 just prior to starting the sergeant testing process. I gained a great amount of knowledge and confidence from your class. I am glad to inform you that I will be promoted to the rank of Sergeant next month.”


“Thank you for your assistance with my interview process.  I scored a 95%, which is 18 points higher than I scored the last time I took the outside oral board.  I wouldn’t have done nearly as well, if I hadn’t sought your advice.  Overall, I scored in Band I and my chances for promotion are very good.”


“I just wanted to thank you for all your help. I firmly believe that your consultation was the key to my success. The information you gave me was invaluable. The resume suggestions, study materials, web site lists, and especially the information on a successful oral interview was incredible. My last oral exam score was 83. On this test I raised it 10 and got a 93!!!”


“I wanted to thank you for your help in preparing me for my Lieutenant’s interview.  I can say that you definitely helped me get the score I received.  Only one other person beat me and he had an average score of 96.66 while I had an average score of 96.  I spoke to the raters and they told me they were very impressed with how I answered the questions.  My interview only lasted 15 minutes.  While I was in there I was able to hit every question with good answers.  It looked like I gave them such good answers that they never had any follow up questions.  I walked out of there feeling that it was the best interview I had ever taken, and it showed by the score.  Thanks again for your help.  It was definitely a large contributing factor to my success in the interview.  I’ll let you know when I get promoted.”


“I recently participated in the Sergeant’s Oral Interview with my agency, and I ranked # 7, out of 26 applicants, on the eligibility list.  My Co-worker told me about your book, Oral Interview Dynamics and I purchased my own copy and read it twice.  Your book made it very clear what was necessary to be successful in front of an interview panel especially “The Hook – Core & Branching.”    The section covering ” Career Currency ” really opened my eyes to what I was missing on previous interviews.   Just wanted to pass on a word of thanks for a great book.”


“I could not have had a better tutor!  I read the August issue of PORAC and practiced and practiced my opening and closing which you helped me outline and it went off very well.  I got a 93-94-95 from the oral board and came out #1 on the list.  I was promoted to Commander.  I know that your advice was the deciding factor, as my competitor placed about 4 points behind me. I owe you big time!  Many thanks!”

“Andy – I had a one on one with you last month.  Just wanted to say thanks.  I was promoted a couple weeks ago after finishing number one overall and on the interview. Your class made my promotion a reality!”

“Lt, Just wanted to let you know I was promoted to Sergeant! In case you forgot who I am, I work with………Police Department. We spoke a few times on the phone. Thank you for your book and all your help, it paid off very well!!! I scored 13 out of 100, not too shabby!!! Thanks again!”

“Thanks sooooo much Sir, I could not believe how much power in information I walked away with. I truly appreciate it and know I have an uphill battle but it will pay off in the end. Thanks for all the material as well and the chapter from your upcoming book (which I will not share). When additional questions pop up I will not hesitate to call you and will keep you updated along the way.”

“Andy, Your material is spot on!  I was taught some oral techniques many years ago that were dynamite and they mirrored what you teach.  I purchased a couple of your materials for my LT oral exam for review and it helped.  I have referred your materials and training to many others throughout the years.  You do a great job pulling it all together for officer candidates and those wishing to promote.  You helped a friend of mine at……….PD promote to Sgt. recently and I know he’s a big fan of yours.”

“Hi Andy, Back in Oct of 2013, I sat down with you and had a 6 hour one on one consultation to prepare me for my Sgt. Orals. After the orals were finished, I called you and told you I scored a 98 on my outside and a 97 on my inside. Well now I have some great news for you. Last week, I just got a call from the Sheriff and I am being promoted to Sgt. Thanks again Andy for helping through the promotional process. I am recommending you to everyone here in the detective bureau.0”

“Hi Sir!  Just wanted to let you know I scored high 90’s in both orals. Ranked 4 overall..promoted to sgt in March. Thx again!”

“Andy, You can use me as a success story if you would like. Using the information you have provided me over the years has helped me to promote to both Sergeant and Lieutenant.”

“Andy, Just wanted to let you know I took your class for oral boards a few months ago in Simi Valley. I bought your book and read it several times…easy read…anyhow before your class I didn’t pass a Corporal oral board…since I took your class and got your book I came out number one on our promotion for Corporal yesterday….Thanks and we have Sgt. testing soon!!!!!”

“LT, I finished the LT test and ended up #2.  They will be promoting 3.  I can’t thank you enough for all of your help.  I really appreciate it and hope to one day return the favor!”

“Hey Andy, Just wanted to give you an update…Our department promoted only 2 Sergeants and 2 Corporals…..and………and I both got promoted (……….got Sgt and I got Cpl)!! Just wanted to say thanks. I think your course and book were vital to our success. It was a very competitive group but the Chiefs made it clear that we both stood out in the process and in the final Chief’s interview. Thanks again!”

“Good morning LT., And the good news continues……As of June 7th I will no longer be a patrol officer.  I will be promoted to Sergeant. Thank you,  thank you so much.  Your expertise definitely assisted me in this process.”  

“I had an opportunity to attend the California Peace Officers Association (CPOA) “Promotional Preparation” course that was taught by you on Saturday, at our Police Headquarters Building. I have always wanted to attend your professional development and promotional preparation classes but never had the opportunity with a challenging calendar. Nonetheless, I want to tell you that the course was very helpful, relevant, and well worth my time! I am glad I did not miss this course and I feel I will be successful because what I learned.”

“Hello LT – We spoke on and off via email several times. I read your book several times and lived by it. With the help of your book I was promoted to the rank of Sgt. The dept. did not release the rankings, however I learned I was number one. I wanted to thank you for your help.”

“Andy, Hello again from Northern California! I hope business is good. I referred a member of a nearby PD to you for promotional advice. He attended one of your seminars……….wow! I was on his assessment center for sergeant. The guy blew everyone else out of the water! As I watched him present, it was clear to me he had taken your program to heart.”

“Andrew, your book is great. I’m learning so much valuable information. I’m so glad I purchased it, we’ll worth it! Thank you”  

“Hello Andy, I went to your residence for a consultation a couple years ago. I still wasn’t fully ready at that time so the first go around I didn’t do as good. This year, I read your book and reviewed all of the material you provided. The good news is I aced the oral with MAX points. I really delivered with the HOOK, CORE, and BRANCHING. The panel later told me I did amazing. Thank you so much for your guidance.”

“Hey Lt…it’s…, just thought I’d let you know I finished #1 on the Sgt’s list. No word on actual promotion yet but still a great feeling…started with 110 applicants and 92 moved on to the oral and assessment, so I feel a great sense of accomplishment. Thank you so much for the help…very much appreciated”

“Hey Lt. Borrello, Just wanted to follow up with you, you have helped me the last several years with your classes, private consultation and with my resume a couple months back.

We just got the results from the sergeant’s test and I finished 3rd and we know there will be at least 3 openings for this list so it looks like I will be getting promoted in December. 

I got a 95.2 % on the oral interview, second by 3/4 point, and wanted to thank you for all of your help along the way.  I missed out on #1 overall by less than 1.5 points and it can easily be traced to me not having been a detective and losing points on the internal evaluations.  I also got a 95 on the written which was 1st overall and combined with the oral I was #1 in those two categories, so there is definitely some pride in finishing #1 in the elements that I could control. So again thank you for your help, all of your teachings and resources work and played a large role in the my development with the oral interview and me being able to ace the interview.” 

“Andrew: I attended a class with you on oral interviews several years back, and used a lot of the material I learned from you in my last interview for Lt. I came out #1. Thanks”

 “It’s been several years since I met with you for a one on one consultation to prepare for the sergeants test. Since then I have sent many other people from ………County Sheriff’s Office your way which also helped them get promoted. I am proud to be the first person from………….Sheriff’s Office to go to you for a consultation and promote to sergeant. The consultation was money well spent.”

“Hi sir, Just wanted to say thank you once again for your help…. The results from the sgt process came out today and I finished #1! Thanks again!?

“So there must be something to the advice you offer… I took the Corporal Exam yesterday and scored #1 on the list out of 11 candidates.  Thanks again!

Lt, Just wanted to let you know I was promoted July 16th I finished #1 on the oral board and #1 overall. Thanks for all your help.”




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