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  • If you want to build a masterpiece, you must first master the pieces – Approach your preparations for promotion in small easy steps. Build your wall of content knowledge and presentation skill one brick at a time. Content…Delivery…Technique.
  • Waiting to prepare for your oral interview until AFTER your written examination is a recipe for failure.
  • Oral Interview Mistake: We study what we need to know, but we don’t practice delivering what we have learned. You have to talk aloud during your interview, so why do you study internally and in silence?
  • Most of us only formally promote 1-2 times in a 30-year career!! If you are going to take the test…GO FOR IT! Treat this like an Olympic event and don’t leave anything on the shelf. Your goal is #1 and everyone else who would dare compete against you can fight for the crumbs you leave behind. that is the tude you need to cop.
  • Never worry about the price to attend promotion training or the expense of a promotion book; worry about the COST of not attending that training or reading that book.





Police Promote has partnered with Marin Consulting Associates to bring Oral Interview Dynamics to Northern California. Please check out the Marin Consulting Associate’s web site for great courses that could serve as a valuable preparation for career advancement at any rank! They have video training that features recorded oral interviews in their TOP SPOT section that allow promotional candidates to actually view what good looks like and just as important, what bad looks like. This is a valuable and unique tool for preparation!

Click Here:  Marin Consulting Associates



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