Law Enforcement Advancement

Police Promotion Super CourseThis site is dedicated to help law enforcement professionals advance their own careers by helping them to be highly competitive in their promotional testing process. Captain Borrello’s brand new book, POLICE PROMOTION SUPER COURSE, is unique in that it focuses on all aspects of the oral interview process and how to greatly improve your ability to deliver a dynamic presentation of your skills, abilities, and experience. There are no books or materials that are as expansive and in-depth, covering the law enforcement promotional oral interview, in existence.    The highly illustrative content provides the communication tools, techniques,  and insider information that can greatly improve your chances of success.

Captain Borrello also offers professional testing preparation for the oral interview. His small group consultations/coaching and seminars are unique in the industry and very effective. He provides intense, but fun learning, practice, and evaluation. In addition to his book, he offers a valuable PROMOTION RESOURCE GUIDE and professional resume service.

Look through the website and learn more about what we have to offer. Only you are responsible for the development of your career and the advancement of your rank…we’ll make it easier!

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